Bay Shore Exhibit

Members of Seatuck’s staff and board, as well as volunteers and friends, recently gathered at Eleven Maple in Bay Shore to celebrate the installation of a new exhibit in the building’s “outdoor art gallery.” 

The exhibit, titled “Seagulls of the Great South Bay,” was created by Seatuck to provide general information and identification tips for six “seagulls” commonly seen on the South Shore. The list includes four gull species (Great Black-backed, Herring, Ring-billed and Laughing) and two terns (Common and Least). 

More information about these species, as well as a children’s guide to seagulls, can be found here at Long Island Field Notes.

The exhibit features the paintings of Steve Terr and was designed by Lisa D’Elia, both of Bay Shore. 

If you’re interested in visiting, the gallery is located on the east side of Maple Avenue next to The Pizzeria. 

Bay Shore Exhibit

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