A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life Program

Seatuck participates in the annual Long Island “A Day in the Life” program, which was initiated on Carmans River in 2014 by the Long Island Pine Barrens Commission in partnership with Brookhaven National Laboratory and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. The program gets school students out to different parts of rivers, streams or embayments to conduct basic biological and chemical sampling for a one-day snapshot of the waterway’s ecological health. It has been expanded to many waterways across Long Island by Seatuck and other partners. Seatuck currently runs two A Day in the Life programs, one for the Carlls River (which runs from Wyandanch to Babylon) and one for the Mill River (Hempstead to Bay Park), with multiple districts involved in both events. Plans are also underway for a new A Day in the Life program for Penataquit Creek (Bay Shore). There are opportunities for additional school districts to participate in all three events.

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