Phrag Fight!

Seatuck continues its effort to safeguard the rare riparian habitat that is taking hold at the site of the former West Brook Pond in Bayard Cutting Arboretum. Seatuck, with help from the Long Island Botanical Society and other experts, has identified dozens of native plants re-establishing at the site, including many state rare and unique species. As of January 2024, NYS Parks has decided to not repair the dam that failed in early 2019. In addition, as of April 2024 Seatuck has also been awarded funding through the NYSDEC Invasive Species Grant Program to continue managing the invasive plant species at West Brook!

Seatuck staff and volunteers work to remove pioneering shoots of invasive phragmites (common reed) that were invading the basin. If left unchecked phragmites could shade and crowd out the unique native plants and habitat that is emerging at West Brook

Thank you to all the great volunteers that continue to help with this effort!

And don’t worry if you missed this opportunity – they’ll be many more workdays to come. Seatuck is committed to fostering the restoration of the site and will keep after the invasive species. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Phrag Fight!

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