Otter Watch

About Otter Watch

Otter Watch is a community science project that engages the public to monitor the recolonization of Long Island by river otters. Participants are simply asked to report any possible river otter sightings. Any member from the public can participate at any time. No registration is required. Reports can be submitted through the data form below or on a mobile device using the Survey 1-2-3 field app.

Click here to download the Long Island Otter Watch survey through Survey 1-2-3.

Please contact Mike Bottini at [email protected] with any questions. Any technical issues with the survey or map can be referred to Arielle Santos at [email protected].

Accessing the Survey 1-2-3 Mobile Field App

  1.  First, you must download the free Survey 123 mobile app on your mobile device
  2.  Scan the QR code on the left using your phone’s camera. If you are currently on your mobile device, click here to download the Otter Watch survey and proceed with steps 4 & 5
  3.  After scanning the QR code, click the top banner notification to open ArcGIS
  4.  Choose “Open in the Survey 123 field app”, and “Open this page in Survey 123”
  5.  Choose “Continue without signing in”