Bat Map Long Island

About Bat Map LI

BatMap Long Island is a community science project that enlists bat lovers in an effort to identify important bat foraging sites and roosts across Long Island. Participants are simply asked to submit information about their bat sightings into our data collection system. Data can be entered into the survey form below or into the Survey 1-2-3 app on a mobile device. 

BatMap LI was created for Seatuck by Maria Brown, GISP (2018). In addition to being a long-time Seatuck friend and collaborator, Maria is a Lecturer at Stony Brook University, Science Research Teacher at Sayville High School and Principal Geospatial Analyst for the IUCN Red List Bat Specialist Working Group. 

If you have any questions about the Bat Map LI project contact Emily Hall at [email protected], and if you have any technical questions about the Bat Map app contact Arielle Santos at [email protected] or 631-487-0071.

Accessing the Survey 1-2-3 Mobile Field App

  1.  First, you must download the free Survey 123 mobile app on your mobile device
  2.  Scan the QR code on the left using your phone’s camera. If you are already on a mobile device, click here to download the Bat Map LI survey and continue to steps 4 & 5
  3.  Click the top banner notification to open ArcGIS
  4.  Choose “Open in the Survey 123 field app”, and “Open this page in Survey 123”
  5.  Choose “Continue without signing in”

Please Note: Clickable data points (shown in red) do not reflect confirmed sightings of wildlife. Each red dot indicates a survey submission.